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Commercial Disagreements

Navigate past obstacles to a mediated settlement without the high cost of legal fees or courts

Small business 

Family business

Your business



Employment disputes

Neighbour problems

Personal contractual disputes

Council or utility disagreements

ISP problems




At Stockport Mediation your mediator will speak with and listen to both sides of your dispute setting out their case independently and then, if appropriate bring the sides together to resolve the conflict.  Whether you call it court mediation, family mediation or employment mediation it involves the same process.

The meetings and the issues discussed are all without prejudice (off the record) so you can talk freely and seek a solution to your dispute.

Stockport Mediation will locate a suitable venue on neutral ground so no party feels pressurised.

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential method to resolve any dispute you have without both sides becoming entrenched in their positions and swamped with lawyers' fees and court costs.  Courts now require that before you issue proceedings you attempt to settle any dispute amicably, which you can access confidentially by using a mediation service such as we offer.

The mediator does not take sides but is an independent party who assists the parties in seeing the issues clearly, dispationately and in confidence.

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