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Stockport Mediation offers mediation in any business dispute, and all personal disputes including those involving children and divorce where MIAMS has been suggested

Remember despite what you may be told you do not have to attend a MIAMS in matrimonial disputes, as the relevant form (C100) allows the following exemption:-


"in the 4 months prior to making the application, the person attended a MIAM or participated in another form of non-court dispute resolution relating to the same or substantially the same dispute"


If in doubt feel free to call to discuss.

But I only have one issue...

Not all mediations at Stockport Mediation involve multiple issues; some revolve around a single matter: a debt; an access request; or unfinished work. 


In these circumstances Stockport Mediation can offer a telephone mediation service, where those involved never meet but an agreement is put in place during a series of phone calls.


Fees for this type of mediation can be lower so call us and ask for a quote for a telephone mediation.

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